June 17-23, 2018 – Slippery Rock, PA – Ragnarok – Scott & Liam will be attending this medieval-fantasy-themed event vending, fighting and playing music throughout the week.

June 29, 2018 – Hillsborough, NC – Hillsborough Public Library – doors open at 7:30pm. All ages. Free admission! (137 W. Margaret Lane; Hillsborough, NC 27278)

July 13, 2018 – Raleigh, NC – The Art of Fandom Celebrations – Doors open at 8pm. We’re playing at 8:45pm.

July 14, 2018 – High Point, NC – ConGregate We are appearing on Saturday only. Our show is at noon.

July 28, 2018 – Kent, OH –Wizarding World of KentWe’re playing 2 sets at some point during the day. Exact times TBA.

Aug 9, 2018 7:30pm- Slippery Rock, PA – Super Secret Wizard Rock Show at the Pennsic War In addition to being awesomely fabulous wizards, we also like to time travel to the 12th century. We’ll be playing our annual “secret” wrock show at this festival for medieval history enthusiasts and reenactors. The show will happen at House Thanet (N15 on Bythe Way between Brewer’s and Chandler’s). Bring something to sit on.

Oct 6 – Chestertown, MD – Chestertown HP FestivalReturning again to this delightful, family-focused, fun wizarding festival. The whole town turns out for this. The mayor lets us use his P.A. It’s pretty freakin cool.  

Oct 19-21, 2018 – Columbus, OH – Ohio Valley Filk Festival – Making our grand return to this fandom music festival, hanging out and playing a show at some point during the weekend.

Oct 27-28, 2018 – Ithaca, NY – Wizarding Weekend – We’re still ironing out details on this but are very much looking forward to performing at this much-talked-about festival!

Dec 6-10, 2018 – Tacoma, WA – Weekend of WizardryWe’ll be playing shows throughout the weekend at this magical festival!

Dec 15, 2018 – Gastonia, NC – Yule Ball at Cavendish Brewing Company  – More details forthcoming.

Jan 4-6, 2019 – Atlanta, GA – GAFilkWe’ll be returning to this fandom music festival vending, hanging out, dancing, and filking.

Jan 18-20, 2019 – Williamsburg, VA – MarsCon – details TBA. But you can be certain it will be an awesome good time.

Mar 22-24, 2019 –  Raleigh, NC – FantaSci–  Nobody expects the Blibbering Humdingers to play at a military Sci-fi convention… but it’s local, and Timothy Zahn will be there. 🙂

July 18-21, 2019 – Tarrytown, NY – MISTI-Con – details TBA. This Harry Potter intensive weekend for grown ups happens every 2 years. It takes a lot of work to pull together this much awesome.


Want us to come to your town? It’s amazing what we’ll do for a place to stay and the cost of airfare!