Get Music or Just Listen

Here are some places you can listen to and/or purchase our stuff.

  • Bandcamp – This is the best place to get our music. You can stream or purchase.  It includes many rare tracks and oddities that are not on the other download sites. Also it is updated with our latest recordings and arrangements of all our songs
  • iTunes
  • Amazon
  • Buy CDs – from our Kunaki store. This site also includes a number of CDs for our side projects as well as CDs we’ve produced for friends
  • Spotify – Not ready to buy? Listen for free! We love spotify! And we earn a whole 1/3rd of a penny every time you play one of our songs.
  • YouTube – Are you one of those weirdos who streams music from a video service? We won’t judge you. We also make about 1/3rd of a penny from every play.
  • Google Play – For the handful of you who actually use this service, we’re there too!


Here are some of our most popular tracks on Spotify-