Nov 9, 2018 – Trenton, SC – Winter War – Scott is playing a solo show on Friday evening of this Dagorhir fantasy combat event. There he is known as “Bard the Minstrel.”

Nov 11, 2018 – Cary, NC – Beer & BBQ Ball – This bruhaha at Bond Brothers Beer Company benefits Bradford’s Ordinary Fire Co. – a local charity that supports a variety of causes around Cary. Our show is 5-6pm. Tickets are $15.

Nov 16-18, 2018 – Atlanta, GA – ConJuration ConWe’ll be playing shows throughout the weekend! The basic theme of the convention is magical worlds – with a focus on the Potterverse.

Dec 6-10, 2018 – Tacoma, WA – Weekend of WizardryWe’ll be playing shows throughout the weekend at this magical festival along with Tonks & the Aurors and others!

Dec 15, 2018 – Gastonia, NC – Yule Ball at Cavendish Brewing Company  – More details forthcoming. Our friends Hawthorn & Holly will be joining us.

Jan 12-13, 2019 – Atlanta, GA – GAFilkWe’ll be vending and singing a bit. This is a delightful relax-a-con for filkers and anyone into the music of sci-fi/fantasy fandom. We don’t have a concert scheduled. Just making music casually.

Jan 18-20, 2019 – Williamsburg, VA – MarsCon – details TBA. But you can be certain it will be an awesome good time. MarsCon has a fantastic music scene and a truly welcoming community. We feel like family there.

Mar 15-17, 2019 – Frederick, MD – The Big Frederick Gaming Convention– our first time appearing here. We’ll be joined by Mikey Mason and other awesome musicians!

Mar 22-24, 2019 –  Raleigh, NC – FantaSci–  Nobody expects the Blibbering Humdingers to play at a military Sci-fi convention… but it’s local, and Timothy Zahn will be there. 🙂

July 18-21, 2019 – Tarrytown, NY – MISTI-Con – details TBA. This Harry Potter intensive weekend for grown ups happens every 2 years. It takes a lot of work to pull together this much awesome.

May 8-10, 2020 – Columbus, OH – TBA


Want us to come to your town? It’s amazing what we’ll do for a place to stay and some travel money.